Gain clarity and confidence through executive coaching for founders.

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Executive coaching for entrepreneurs who want to increase their authenticity, clarity, and output.


Hi, I’m Julius. My mission is to make the future of venture more human.

As a certified executive coach based in Berlin, I have coached, invested, and advised dozens of founders all across Europe.

I have worked on both sides of
the venture industry.

As an investor, startup manager, and interim CFO. I’ve financed businesses and sat on boards from seed to Series B; I’ve run teams, set up processes, and raised funds.

I know the European founder and
venture community by heart.

I recognize that founders need an unbiased partner. It’s my mission to establish a more robust support structure for entrepreneurs within our ecosystem. With my facilitation, founders gain clarity about who they want to be and where they want to go. By inspiring the confidence in people to move decisively, I help intentional founders build thriving businesses.


Dr. Franziska leonhardt
Co-founder & CEO, AVE + EDAM
Julius is a one-of-a-kind coach: He brings empathy, deep business understanding, and years of experience working with top VC-backed founders. Unlike family and friends, investors, or advisors, Julius offers unbiased advice that is fully focused on your growth and wellbeing. If you are a founder, you want Julius on your team!
Patrick Haede
Co-Founder & CEO, Mapify
Working with Julius was transformational. He helped me through the numerous ups and downs of the founder journey. While working together I grew as a CEO, founder, partner, and overall human. Julius brings an outside perspective, challenging questions, and a lot of empathy — paired with an unparalleled understanding of business.
Stefan Rothlehner
CTO, Selfapy
Building a business is messy. Julius helps me ask the uncomfortable questions and prioritize what is truly important. Working with him is invaluable: As a serial entrepreneur, for my team, and our business.
Given his background Julius can empathize very well with founders and VC investors and the specific challenges one can encounter in career and life. Starting and running a company is such a mental game and having someone like Julius to accompany you throughout this journey is gold!