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Become the human + entrepreneur you were meant to be

Executive coaching for entrepreneurs who want to increase their authenticity, clarity, and output.


I love working with entrepreneurial founders, CXOs, and managing directors at high growth companies. I have experience and track record in all the above between Series Seed and Series B stages. I also enjoy partnering with investors at venture funds. I work with my clients in English and German. Remote and onsite in Berlin.


I partner with founders to build intention, resilience and openness: focusing on the entire ecosystem of the individual, the team, and the business.

Intention | Coaching Focus | Julius Bachmann

Intention is about setting inspiring goals that truly resonate with you, and that requires your continuous commitment. It also means being mindful about investing your time and energy in the most relevant areas of your life both within and beyond your business.

Relationships | Coaching Focus | Julius Bachmann

Relationships make up the support structure around us. Being true to yourself and others about what you feel and believe in might sound simple. But, noticing your feelings and emotional state is a practice—voicing them clearly and respectfully is an art. It is how we connect deeply as humans.

Sustain and Thrive | Coaching Focus | Julius Bachmann

Sustain & thrive is about being your best self for the long-haul. Starting and running a company is a marathon. You need to take care of your energy: Your mental and physical health are at the foundation of how you show up.


Outcomes | Coaching Process | Julius Bachmann

We always work with a clear goal in mind. At the beginning of every session, we will define your desired outcomes. We will also identify your north star: an overarching goal for your transformation that covers multiple sessions.

Commitment | Coaching Process | Julius Bachmann

Our work is a partnership. Imagine me as your unbiased anchor on your personal advisory board. This partnership has the best results over the long-term.

Rhythm | Coaching Process | Julius Bachmann

We work in sessions every two to three weeks. You can always email or text me - I will try to respond within 24 hours. Should you need emergency help, you can always reach out. Again, we are partners.

Context | Coaching Process | Julius Bachmann

As a founder, you stand at the center of your team and your businesses. To create sustainable growth, my clients work with me on all the above three levels. This means I help you see the bigger picture, and guide you to resolve organizational challenges and relationship / team issues with confidence.

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